Monogram Collection

At the ceremonial laying of the cornerstone in 1890, Andrew Carnegie proclaimed that his Music Hall would be “built to stand for ages.” Successfully producing quality steel quickly and inexpensively, he pushed the industry forward as his beams and girders accelerated the development and proliferation of skyscrapers. By 1897, Carnegie’s mills produced nearly 50% of all the structural steel in the United States.

Carnegie steel has undergirded the Hall throughout various phases of its development. The steel was the finest quality of the day, which has enabled the building to evolve and expand for more than 130 years. During the most recent renovation of the Studio Towers, completed in 2014, a beam was uncovered that had been embossed with the Carnegie moniker—proof that Andrew Carnegie was right all along.

Our new monogram takes inspiration from the embossed lettering on this steel beam.