Illustration by Daniel Mrgan

"Practice, Practice, Practice" Collection: Unique Gifts Inspired by the Famous Joke

Canvas Tote Bag
Iron-On Patch
Black Coffee Mug
Bistro Mug
Golf Balls
Teddy Bear

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The Joke Carnegie Hall Rose Archives

Spend enough time around 57th Street and Seventh Avenue in New York City, and you're bound to be asked for directions to Carnegie Hall. "Which way to Carnegie Hall?" "Where is Carnegie Hall?" "What's the address for Carnegie Hall?"

Almost never does one ask the "how" question. Because everyone knows how you got to Carnegie Hall. You practice. 

Carnegie Hall is the only performance venue with its own, ubiquitous, joke. But, which version is the right one?

The Carnegie Hall Rose Archives’ mission is to acquire, preserve, and make publicly accessible documents and materials—physical and digital—related to the origins, history, activities, growth, and development of Carnegie Hall.